What is Dynamic Pro Marketing?

Boatim's Dynamic Pro Marketing matches real-time customer search queries on Google with your offer on Boatim, to drive high-quality traffic and leads from ready-to-buy customers to your listings which is independent of the number of impressions a listing gets (we get you the right once).


What's the difference to traditional online advertisements?

Classical online advertisements refer to advertising bought on the basis of impressions. Other platforms work with this traditional cost-per-mille model for listings or preferred advertisement space (banner) on the platform itself on different positions for listings. You would pay for a volume of impressions, but without having any control over the quality of that traffic.

Customers that are searching for boats might create high impressions on those listings and banners entering the platform, but not necessarily high-quality inquiries for your boats. Boatim's Dynamic Pro Marketing ensures that paid ads on Google will get created dynamically, every time your offer matches a certain search query criteria on Google before a potential buyer enters our platform.