How to create engaging content on Boatim?

Keep our audience up-to-date with the latest news from your dealership, gain visibility, and attract potential buyers.

Publishing regular news will help gain visibility on Boatim, as your news will not only be posted to your branded dealer page but also will be pushed to our Home Feed.

Please keep in mind the following best practice tips when posting:

  • Links: Should I include Links?
    In order to generate traffic to your dealer page on Boatim, please do not include external links in your post, but rather share the link of your page on other social media platforms.
  • Post length: How long should my posts be?
    You can publish updates of up to 1000 characters on your newsfeed. But as a general rule, try to keep it short and simple, but engaging! ;)
  • Images: How many images?
    Posts with images perform better. Add at least one image to each post to make it visually more appealing. Depending on the topic and what you want to show you can also add an image gallery, with the first 5 images showing up directly on the feed. Always try to use images in good quality.
  • Cadence: How often should I publish content?
    Try to publish content on a regular basis. In general, there is no universal “right amount” of content to publish. The key is to figure out how much high-quality content you can produce on a regular basis and then stick to your personal cadence.
  • Content: What kind of content should I publish?
    Your personal newsfeed is the stage to win the interest and trust of potential buyers. When creating content try to stick to the 50%/50% rule which means 1/2 of your content can be promotional posts and 1/2 industry information.

1. Promotional posts: 1/2 of your posts can promote your company, products, and services. e.g.

    • Promoting recently added yacht/boats for sale
    • Promoting a yacht for sale from your portfolio "Yacht of the week/month etc.", "Sailing boat of the week" " XX's pick of the week"
    • Promoting additional services your company offers (handling the whole buying process)
    • Success stories: e.g. Boats sold in 2020, Boats sold
    • Company updates: "giving that look behind the curtain" of your business

2.  Industry news: 1/2  of your posts should focus on relevant industry news and interesting background information. e.g.

    • New boat model launches
    • General industry news
    • Share facts about a certain boat model  ("Did you know?")
    • The history of a certain boat model or brand you're having in your portfolio