How to assign listings to team members?

You can manage your listings dynamically through assigning a member of your team to a listing. Only the responsible member will receive inquiry emails while everyone can view all messages on Say good-bye to email overload!


  • From your profile page go the main menu on the left side and select Listings
  • Choose the listing you want to assign to a specific team member/broker
  • Open the listing and select Edit in the right upper corner
  • Choose the team member/broker who you want to assign the listing to from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Publish changes in the right upper corner

Now only the assigned team member will receive inquiry emails, although everyone can still see these messages on  and his/her phone number will be displayed on the listing. Learn how to manage inquiries.


⚠️Note: Only active team members can be assigned to a listing. Learn how to add team members or brokers to your account.
⚠️Note: If the team member hasn't filled in a phone number in his/her profile, the main office´s phone number will be displayed on the listing. 


On top you can also find better focus through new filters in my listing page, allowing you to only view listings assigned to you. Teamwork just got easier!