How can I add team members to my account?

Easily add your team members to your account and assign their roles so they have access to manage your brand page and boat models.

  • From the main menu on the left side of your dealer profile, head to the "Team" section
  • Click on Add new team members
  • Introduce the email of the team member you want to add, assign the type of role (Editor, Admin, Billing) and confirm. (Roles can be edited later)


Option 1: Adding already registered users

If the user already has an account they will be added to the team directly and can start to manage your page and listings. 🚀


Option 2: Adding non-existing users

If the user doesn’t exist yet they will get an invite per email and have to follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Join Team button in the invite email
  • Introduce your full name and Password and click on Create Account
  • Head to your email account to verify your email and tell us what describes you best