How can I upload my inventory?

Thanks to our Smart Connected Inventory™ API, we can import your listings directly into Boatim from multiple supported feeds from other websites.

Do you have a large inventory? No problem! Through our Smart Connected Inventory™ API we can easily realize imports from supported feeds or do custom imports, for an unlimited amount of pro-listings.


Please follow these steps to prepare for inventory import:

  • Ensure your dealer page is already set up on Boatim. Learn how to set up your dealer page
  • Export your feed from another website or marketplace, ideally in Open Marine format. (You may have to request this from your account manager)
  • Send the URL (along with a password if required) to our sales team
  • Please inform us of any special instructions

➡️ Please contact our sales team to proceed further.


⚠️ Note: You have to be on a Pro Subscription Plan to use Smart Connected Inventory™. Learn more about our subscription plans.